Cancer Man on the Move

The conceptual foundations of my recent work relate to James Lovelock's Gaia Theory, which postulates that the Earth is a sort of super-organism which can self regulate, and my own extrapolation of that concept where-in Man plays the role of a pathogen or cancer in that scenario. Almost any element in the work that looks biological is related to cancer.

Time's Up

This is a video installation from "Systems of Decay", an art exhibit curated by myself about man's relationship to the environment, and the politics if that relationship. this installation is part of the "Cancer Man" series. More information on the exhibition and the actual installation can be seen at

Domestic Hazards

A video that explores the hazards of modern conveniences. What you can't see can hurt you. Other themes which inform the work are consumerism and the toxicity of chemistry created for commerce. This results in the hidden residue of society all around us, represented by large molecular models of substances not normally visible.

Cancer of Gaia

Another video in the "Cancer Man" series, this one done in collaboration with Joann Denning.


Country was the first of a series of short pieces exploring the relationship between man, nature, and entropy. It derives from a series of stills I had done concerning the idea of man as a cancer.

Entropy 1

The molecule in Entropy1 is DDT, relating to entropy because DDT lingers in the environment, sort of reverse entropy. It also relates to entropy for me as a manifestation of the self-destructive tendencies present in our society. Part of the "Entropy" series. (Audio only near end)

Entropy 2

In Entropy2, molecules of carbon dioxide (a greenhouse gas) spin out of passing vehicles, eventually obscuring the suburban environment. A usually benign and necessary substance is rendered perilous by human innovation. Part of the "Entropy" series.

Entropy 3

In Entropy3, buildings are being erected on the site of a former petroleum depot, and where benzene was found to be present on the property; so the invisible benzene floats visibly above the site of future luxury condos. Part of the "Entropy" series. (No Audio)