GDS 46

Redesign Project

Redesign Extra Credit Project Instructions



  1. Create at least 3 linked web pages from the original site.
  2. Do not use any of the existing code.
  3. You may use product images, body copy, or the logo from the existing site.
  4. Use bootstrap to make the site.
    • Customize the bootstrap look and feel so it does not 'look like bootstrap'
    • Do NOT use boostrap starter pages or templates, but instead create the page from scratch using bootstrap containers, grid, etc.
    • You CAN use boostrap code snippets and components.
  5. Use at least 1 web font using @font-face
  6. Use bootstrap media queries to deliver 3 different designs for typical phone, tablet and desktop resolutions.
  7. Please, do NOT use any template webpages found on the internet as a starting point. You can use our exercises and code snippets as components, but not whole pages or designs.